Disco releases Mistake

By Rosalia David

JOHANNES Ileni known as Disco in music circles has released his first single ‘Mistake’ from his upcoming album.

Speaking to Confidente, Disco said he decided to release his single to build up hype before dropping his long anticipated album titled ‘The Judas’.

With Covid-19 keeping all creatives on their toes, Disco said he has used the time to work on his album while sharing inspiring messages through his music.

He said ‘Mistake’ is inspired by men or bad partners in general who constantly abuse their significant others.

“This song is all about a man who keeps disappointing his woman through infidelity but she keeps forgiving him and eventually he wakes up one day changed into a better man for his wife, regretting all the tears he caused her.”

Although the song is inspired by real life events happening around him, he said, Nasty C’s song ‘SMA’ also played a major role in the scripting of the lyrics.

Disco said, “I actually listened to his song and I just thought I could do something related to relationships, misunderstandings and so on but it’s not a copy of his song, his concept inspired me.”

According to Disco, most people actually love the song to a point where he receives phone calls on a daily basis to thank him for ‘the words of encouragement’.

“I don’t like making songs that don’t make sense. My concepts are always based on true stories on different topics, things that people can relate to.  After releasing the song, I got positive feedback that I have healed hearts and some have learned to be now good to their partners and confessed their mistakes. It’s funny but one of my friends got his ex-girlfriend back after sending her the song,” he added.

‘Mistake’ was produced by NAMA-award winning DJ Chronics.

Now that he has released his single, Disco said he has plans to launch a music video to add some extra sauce to it.

“I will be shooting a video as soon as I’m done with the recording. I’m planning to release it immediately because people forget easily, while the hype is still there I need to surprise my fans with fire visuals as soon as possible.”

Through his music career, Disco has worked with prominent names in show business such as Kwaito star Exit on a banger track titled, ‘WHO’ that also dropped recently.

He further revealed that he now has plans to work with musicians Makilla, Mushe as well as dancehall artist Dama Monique.