Distribute food to the needy – Nashandi

The executive director in the Prime Minister’s Office, I-Ben Nashandi, has implored regional councillors countrywide to ensure that the drought relief food currently being distributed is distributed to the intended beneficiaries.
This follows concerns from members of the public that, in some areas, drought-related food is not reaching the proper beneficiaries and that some regional councillors are distributing food to households and people who are not intended beneficiaries.
“There have been claims from members of the public that people who were registered to receive are not receiving the food items whilst some who are not registered are receiving.

This news is disturbing. When the President declared the drought situation as an emergency, it meant those identified to receive food should be assisted. If we are leaving these people out and giving the food to the wrong people, are we aligning ourselves with the government’s objectives, as this situation is concerned?” he asked, adding that the drought relief food is not for everyone, but for people who are deemed to be in a critical or will face a critical shortage of food, following the poor rains which were recorded across the country.

“The people entrusted with the responsibility of distributing the food should ensure that the right people are assisted. We do not want to hear that somebody has died because of hunger. All identified individuals or households should receive their food each month for the duration of this exercise.

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