DJ Castro collaborates with SA artist

• By Rosalia David

OTJIWARONGO based DJ Castro will be releasing a song titled ‘Vibe’ featuring rapper Yeezir and South African musician Nokwazi.

Nokwazi is a South African house musician who featured on Heavy K’s hit song titled ‘Inde’.

In an interview with Confidente, DJ Castro expressed enthusiasm towards the upcoming song saying that it is going to be a lifetime banger.

“It’s a beautiful song, my management team took the opportunity of being booked at the same show as Nokwazi and made things happen.

We recorded the song during the Easter weekend after the show,” he explained.

DJ Castro went on to say that he had always wanted to feature big artists such as Nokwazi.

Although the title of the song is currently ‘Vibe,’ he added that the name might change as they are still deliberating on what to title it.

“For now, let us call it Vibe, you contacted us before we even came up with a name but it might not change because the song was inspired by the atmosphere during the time we recorded it. It was a chilled, nice vibe that day.

We had so much fun,” he explained.

Asked about his expectations when the song comes out, DJ Castro said his gut feeling continues to tell him that the song is going to be bumping in clubs. “It is one of those songs that I know is going to make people dance in the club, talking from the experience I have with a crowd.”

Although no release date could be revealed at this point yet, he said music lovers should expect a surprise release date soon.

The song was produced by DJ Castro, DJ Kboz, Zonesh Musketeers and DJ Dreas.

“It’s a bunch of different minds on the song, the mixing and mastering of the song is also on point. These are all talented producers on one track,” he said.

In October last year, DJ Castro released a song titled ‘Remember summer’ featuring Stefan Ludik.