DJ Kboz to release first Amapiano EP

By Rosalia David

PRODUCERS are responsible for the way recorded songs sound in more ways than we might think.

Time and again music producers, in addition to their composing talents have also served as talent scouts and coaches, discovering talent and helping musicians find their unique sound and voice, but some have also famously gone on to release their own hit songs and albums.

DJ Kboz is one of Namibia’s long serving producers, who is preparing to break new ground with the release of his own EP titled ‘Gin, Hookah & Cheris’ but this time around, he says the music strictly consists of house and Amapiano-style tracks.

“To me Amapiano is like Kwaito. It is the in-thing and for the past months I have been going out a lot and I realized that the genre is the in-thing. Everyone is jamming to it. It is what the new generation likes so I decided to take on the challenge,” he said.

His eight-track EP will be released on 24 April and should come as a bonus to local music lovers who are bored at home during the lockdown by giving them something to jive along to.

In making the album, he worked with his wife Sally ‘Boss Madam,’ Etjo from the duo Ethnix, Dj Spuzza, Tswazi’s Slick Karti, and many others. With the aim of producing a smash hit EP and promoting collaboration among local producers, he worked with award winning producers Araffath, Sam E Lee Jones and Mr Glo.

Asked what his favourite song on the EP is, he said without hesitation that he thinks the song titled ‘Kaundeka’ featuring Etjo is his favourite. “I think it is because of the way she sang it. When I made the beat it was so empty, I didn’t know what to do with it and then she nailed it.”

After releasing his EP later this month, DJ Kboz said he would be looking into mixing more music online or to set up a YouTube channel to play quality tracks that people hardly get to hear in clubs.