DJ Lois making her mark in Ongwediva

By Rosalia David

ONGWEDIVA-BASED female disk jockey and fashion designer Lois Nambinga is making strides in the arts industry in the northern part of the country with her passion for disk jockeying while making a name for herself in the fashion industry.

In an interview with Confidente, DJ Lois said that she ventured into disk jockeying after being motivated by a friend in 2017.

“I didn’t plan to become a deejay … I once accompanied my friend to a gig and while watching him play music I was impressed by how he was mixing songs together and then I asked him to teach me. I never looked back ever since.

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I would go to the club to watch him play and that is how I learnt,” she said.

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Although she entered the music industry nearly four years ago, DJ Lois said, she is only getting the necessary recognition this year being booked left right and centre at different places around Ongwediva, although she would want to also have a presence in the capital.

“I have played in Windhoek before, at Park foods and The Hangout. I am still looking forward to being invited to play at other popular hangout spots and for weddings,” she said, adding that it is not a walk in the park as most people only want to book DJs that they know.

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She said, in most instances, it is all about having the right connections in the industry to make it and not necessarily about the talent.

“Talent is hardly recognised in Namibia but as long you have connections you can make it, but for some people it’s hard because no one knows you, the only thing you have is yourself and the talent and hope one day someone recognises you,” she added.

She added that working for free remains her biggest challenge as she constantly needs to do free gigs for exposure.

“I think it is about time people start recognising me now. I have done enough free gigs for exposure and I am here to push my art onto a whole new level,” she pointed out.

DJ Lois further mentioned that, with the aim of branching out, she plans on releasing a single that would somehow be her official entry into the music industry.

Apart from investing more in her music, she also has plans to launch her first clothing line.

“I style and dress myself most of the time. People on my social media pages always say I have a good style,” she said.

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