DJ Shoza debut album snapped up

By Rosalia David 

DJ Shoza, real name Sam Shiimi recently launched an album titled ‘Levitate’, which is selling like hot cakes with his first bulk of CDs almost sold out. 
In an interview with Confidente, the artist said that his first album has been well received by music lovers so far that he had to reprint another bunch of copies. 
“The first bunch of CDs is almost sold out and we have printed again. I am very much grateful for the support, I didn’t expect my first project to attract so many people,” he said. 
The musician cum producer had already dropped a music video before releasing his album of a song titled Baksteen featuring Bra B, Blacksheep and Gazza which is currently standing at 186 285 views. 
Now that the album is out of the way, DJ Shoza said he is busy with a radio tour to promote his music while planning to shoot more music videos. The radio tour kicked off on June 6 at NUST FM with listeners getting the opportunity to call in and win an album. 
The Levitate album consists of 12 tracks and was released recently at a popular spot, The Basement in Windhoek, where the artist revealed his feelings about each song. 
The launch featured a performance by soulful singer and poet Niita ‘SheCantGo’ Shikongo, and a few words from GMP founder Gazza, who honoured DJ Shoza with a golden album plaque on behalf of the record label he has called home since 2008. 
The album features GMP label mate Teqla on the first single ‘Lombwelange’, Bra B the Vocalist, Gazza, and Blacksheep on the wildly popular hit ‘Baksteen’, as well as South African artists Mr Luu, Pex Africa, DJ Asserdeep, Sandra Cordeiro, Raven Ortaga, DJ X-trio, MSK and Zangaman.