DJ Stiga to change the music game

• By Rosalia David

LOCAL producer Stanley Shinganda better known as DJ Stiga has moved to South Africa to push his record label House Family, while linking Namibian artists to the world.

Speaking to Confidente this week, Stiga who started of his music journey as a disc jockey and now producer said he has been outside the country since 2017 and has gathered enough knowledge and experience to change the game.

“I want to change things here hence why I came back.
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I want promoters to start paying DJs real money, and push female DJs because I have realised that they don’t get that credit. I moved for a very big reason all I want is for House Family to be some sort of an agent for Namibians who want to collaborate with artists in Johannesburg and just be the networking plug – to plug them or sign artists,” he said.

So far, House Family has signed an upcoming South African female DJ who is now ready to collaborate with Namibian artists.

“I have been teaching her for the past few months and so far so good.

She already started playing at important places and we want to bring her to Namibia as well,” he added.

Stiga said in July, the House Family will be going to Hï Ibiza.

Hï Ibiza is an evolutionary nightclub experience. An ambitious vision devoted to uniting crowds through quality music and positive energy.

Asked if he regrets moving to another country, Stiga said relocating was the best decision he has ever made.

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“It was an experience for me, my sound and environment has changed. It wasn’t easy at the beginning especially when Covid-19 came but now we are starting to see the results that we have been pushing for,” he added.

Providing background on where his inspiration comes from, he said the love for deejaying came from his older brother, who was a radio DJ back in the days, which eventually rubbed off on him.

In 2012, Stiga released his first EP which he described as a trial.

He said he was testing his sound and skills through the first EP but has now worked on several songs that are ready to hit the airwaves.

“We have obviously been busy, producing has always been something I wanted to do and here we are now,” he further explained.

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In 2021, he announced plans to open a DJ school for those who want to study the art of making people move on the dance floor.

He said those plans are still in the pipeline and aims to provide training, mentoring and tutoring to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to succeed in the entertainment industry.

“One thing I have realised is that we don’t do our homework as Namibians and I want start teaching on the business side of the music because I feel like artists don’t know that music is business and not accept payments such as bottles,” Stiga further narrated.