DJ Vuyo releases hit ‘Mirror’

By Rosalia David

MULTI-TALENTED producer and singer representing the Zambezi region, Mushe Musomi best known as DJ Vuyo, has released a new single titled ‘Mirror’.
The song which was released recently is not only making waves on local radio stations but also carries inspiring lyrical content.
In an interview with Confidente this week, Vuyo described the feedback on the song from music lovers as ‘surprising’.
“Sometimes, I just sit in the studio and think of an idea and immediately start recording without knowing how it is going to sound but with this song I decided to go out of my comfort zone and work with another producer Mr Andrew on the beat and so far, the feedback is amazing. I had to try out a different feel,” he said.

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Vujo who is mostly passionate about producing said working with another producer on his work taught him a few tricks.

“People love the song and they are asking if I produced it which means that they can hear the difference and that is what I wanted,” he added.
The song Mirror is inspired by a story of a man who was filthy rich and loses everything in a blink of an eye including his woman.
“These things are happening where when you have it all, everyone is your friend or surround themselves around you but once it’s all gone, no one is anywhere to be found,” he explained.

With the visuals out on YouTube already, Vuyo said he is trying his utmost best to keep busy and beat the lockdown blues.
The music video was shot and edited by Sodo.

He went on to state that musicians have been highly affected by the pandemic being forced to stay home and be creative.
“I cannot imagine what my other fellow artists are going through now because the truth is, we are not making money anymore,” he said.
Mirror is a single from his upcoming album which he says has no title yet.
He went on to say that he however spends every day in front of his computer making beats for the upcoming 13-track album.

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“I am blessed that I have at least a studio otherwise I would have probably gone crazy from not doing anything now that the industry is a bit quiet without any shows.”
In December last year, he released a hit song titled ‘Karomoromo’ featuring Kwaito Lager, a song he says was meant to silence rumourmongers.