Djay refutes baby mama allegations

‘… it was all for show and nothing to write home about’

• By Martha Nangombe

Multi-Award winning hip hop artist Diogene Ochs, famously known as Djay has been dragged into the eye of a storm by his baby mama, Augusta who is accusing him of threatening to kill her and causing her mental distress.

According to social media post, Augusta said she regretted meeting the ‘Listen to Your Heart hit maker.

“I regret the day I met someone like you and I regret God making you the father of my kids (sic), I regret everything that has to do with this man.

You met me when I was 17 and took my innocence away and till today you can’t leave me alone.

Every day you are sending people after me and threatening to kill me, are you not ashamed of yourself? I am here to tell the whole world that me and you ended things on January 1 2022 and that you are still after my life……why?

” she queried on her WhatsApp post.

However, the musician refuted Augusta allegation stating that this was entertainment and was meant to attract attention.

“This is entertainment these false rumours follow us.

You have to adapt and grow a thick skin. If any of these allegations were true, it would’ve been a police case by now.

But it’s just entertainment that’s why it was posted and removed and we both laughed at it,” he explained.

With hip hop not really making as much noise and more artist moving towards Amapiano and Afro Pop, the singer is adamant to keep brand strong in the country.


Put the controversy aside, the father of two has been booked and is busy with his comeback which has seen him release a new music video titled ‘Rock with me” and also released a documentary titled, ‘Final days of Roger and Eclipse.’