Don Kamati gearing up for EP

• By Rosalia David

DANCEHALL artist Don Kamati is gearing up for a 10-track EP titled ‘Sativa’ set for release end of June.

Describing the songs on the EP, Kamati said the soon to be released project is more of a ‘potjie’ as it consists of different sounds.

“It is a dancehall EP but there are elements of other genres such as Afro Pop and Afrobeat. Each song gives a different feel, when you skip the songs you get an element of a variety of instruments. Being an artist is not about sticking to the rules but to also get out of one’s comfort zone and add a little bit of flair,” he said.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the title of the EP ‘Sativa’ the artist further said the name merely describes his musical journey.

He said he has been cultivating the dancehall genre which was not something that the Namibian ear was used to when he first started.

“The journey I took when I entered the music industry inspired the title which means cultivations,” he explained.

On the EP the artist featured Exit, Chris Wayne, King Elegant, Kboz and upcoming female artist Rado while most of the songs on the long anticipated project are solo.

With a history of mostly featuring other artists on his songs, Kamati said he has included more solo songs on this project as he has decided to move away from ‘just featuring’.

Asked on how long he took to produce ‘Sativa’, Kamati said some songs on the project were recorded three years ago while some were freshly recorded this year.

“I wanted to take my time, I included live instruments. I am a perfectionist so I just wanted it to be perfect. I worked with pianist Star Keys,” he explained.

Once released, Kamati said the EP will be available on all download platforms while Racio Media will be sponsoring some of the marketing materials.