!Doro Nawas Chairman embroiled in corruption scandal

• Ey Uaueza Kanguatjivi

DISGRUNTLED !Doro Nawas community members are up in arms against the Conservancy chairperson,  Hoefney So-Oabeb who they accuse of being corrupt and incompetent.

Community members accuse So-Oabeb and his girlfriend Khorixas deputy Mayor, Patience !

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Hoases of hatching a bedroom corruption plot meant to defraud the Conservancy of much needed funds.

The !Doro Nawas Conservancy is situated 78.6 km out of Khorixas and divided into 6 areas that are classified as Area 1 – Area 6.

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According to John Haraseb the !Doro Nawas Conservancy has reported So-Oabeb and !

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Hoases to the Khorixas Labour office after !

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Hoases unlawfully took material meant for Area 2 from Pupkewitz pretending to have been sent by the conservancy.

“The matter only came to light after the person who was supposed to get material went to a Pupkewitz branch to collect the material. Upon arrival he was informed by one Ricardo, a Pupkewitz employee that their consignment had already been collected but was given the material though Pupkewitz later claimed the substances from him,” he said.

Former !Doro Nawas Conservancy chairman, who preferred to speak under condition of anonymity due to the fear of victimisation, said there had been numerous cases of mismanagement and his biggest concern was that community members are always complaining about the chairman’s conduct.

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“Usually depending on the resolution decision, the management committee takes an amount of money that has been authorised for withdrawal. However, the mismanagement of funds comes in when the chairman does not follow the signatory rights according to their procedures,

“As it is now, we are not able to find the culprit as we have not been provided with the minutes and requisition of the decision that was taken by the committee. Members have not seen the management committee meeting minutes for three months and we cannot deduce how certain decisions were arrived at,” he said.

He further explained that the bone of contention which sparked this debacle came about when an individual who was not authorised to take an article, went ahead and took material from Pupkewitz to the value of N$11 120.

“Pupkewitz then realised two different people took material for the same amount.

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I speak under correction but the person who took the articles from Pupkewitz is said to be the Deputy Mayor and girlfriend of the chairman,” he said.

Contacted for a comment Disciplinary Committee Secretary, Eddy Tsibeb said there had been a mess at the Conservancy since December where N$ 200 000 was disbursed from the community fund for a Youth-Wood Project where the youth were supposed to harvest wood for selling purposes.

“Nobody knows what happened to the project. It is not clear where they sold the wood and it is believed the money was used to alcohol and drugs. However all this is to be blamed on the conservancy chairman who does things whatever way he feel because he feels he has the support of his girlfriend.”