Dr Jario-saving lives, one spine at a time

• BY Wilhelmina Iimene

 Doctor (Dr) Micheal Jario is one of the first Namibian Specialist Neurosurgeons practicing in the country. He has special interests in vascular and spinal Neurosurgery.

Dr Jario treats brain and spine conditions and operates common conditions such as stroke and brain tumors.

He has treated patients with traumatic brain injuries, hydrocephalus, brain and spine tumors, brain congenital malformations, herniated cervical and lumbar disc, spinal cord injuries, brain aneurysms, Chiari malformations and pituitary diseases among many other conditions.

According to the Doctor, he chose Neurosurgery because he loves the intrigue and challenges that comes along with dealing with the complexity of the human brain.

“Neurosurgery is incredibly interesting and rewarding because of the positive impact you can make in people’s lives,” he told Confidente.

With his specialty and experience, the Neurosurgeon founded his own medical practice, the Windhoek Neurosurgical Centre two year ago under the, “Let’s Go Further Together,” and Dr Jairo says he aims to bring a patient centered approach to neurosurgical services in Namibia with a focus on world-healthcare.

He describes the patient centered approach as one which puts the patient at the core of the decision-making process.

“We take into account the patients’ expectations, values and concerns. Thereafter, together as a team we find the best possible solution that can assist the patient with their current diagnosis. This is an important aspect because not all conditions need surgery and a huge part of my treatment regime is conservative management which may involve physiotherapy and or occupational therapy,” he said.

The Windhoek Neurosurgical Centre is committed to providing safe and effective treatment options and care for all neurosurgical conditions, performing about six spine operations per week.