Dr Ndume revels in N$100m fishing vessel namesake

By Martha Nangombe

A new N$ 100 million fishing vessel has been named after Namibian humanitarian and ophthalmologist Dr Helena Ndume. Ndume was selected by HoneyGuide Investments to be the vessel’s namesake in celebration of her exceptional humanitarian work.

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The N$ 100 million vessel will employs 32 members, including 12 Namibians.

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Speaking at the recent launch of the vessel’s maiden journey to Antarctica, Ndume said it is an honour to have such a majestic fishing vessel as her namesake. “I received communication around April from the company’s general manager, Fernando de Castro, about the project asking for consent for his company to name their fishing vessel after me.

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Growing up at my hometown Tsumeb in the Nomtsoub lokasie, being in the camps of Swapo or the countries where I went on to further my education, never did it occur to me, even in my wildest dreams, that one day I would have a fishing vessel or any other water vessel named after me. “It is, therefore, with humility and indeed honour that I accept this majestic fishing vessel to be my namesake, “she said.

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