Drought: Northern governors call on Govt to act


NORTHERN regional governors have raised concern about the lack of rainfall during the recent rainy season, which has left the country’s northern parts facing the possibility of a drought.

The lack of rain has caused many crops to droop and dry up, threatening food security.

The governors implored the central government to begin implementing mechanisms to assist individuals and families that will need assistance in the coming months due to the impending drought.  Sebastian Ndeitunga, the governor of Ohangwena, has openly stated that his territory is suffering from a lack of rainfall and that a drought is on the horizon.

“Let me be candid here. The situation is dire. People ploughed and cultivated, but the lands are now dry. It (rain) started strong in January but gradually slowed down. People were hoping for a bountiful harvest, but that hope has been dashed,” he said.

According to Ndeitunga, many of the region’s 337,000 residents are at risk of famine if the government does not help.

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