Drought relief food distribution going smoothly –councillors


THE process of distributing drought relief food, currently under way in northern Namibia and elsewhere in the country, is running smoothly despite a few challenges, according to some regional councillors.

Joseph Mupetami, the regional councillor for Okatyali in Oshana, stressed that despite minor shortcomings experienced in his constituency at the beginning of the distribution process, everything is running smoothly.

“First of all, let me applause the government for coming out to help. Many people were really worried about the food situation in the constituency. Our people were worried because they did not make a good yield in their fields. They were really worried and we were with them. When the President declared an emergency, it came as a relief to all of us. Right now, teams are busy distributing and our people are cooperating. We do not want any household to go hungry this time. The food will benefit everyone, and we have made sure that regulations and criteria are strictly adhered to,” he noted.

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