Drug, alcohol abuse killing Tsintsabis youth: Chief Geelbooi


THE rural community of Tsintsabis in Oshikoto region’s Guinas constituency is drowning in a pool of social ills, with the area’s youth reportedly engaging in heinous activities like alcohol and drug abuse.

Community chief Thaneb Geelbooi lamented that young women from the hamlet are engaging in prostitution.

“This is a concerning situation. Our youth have gone astray, and things are not looking well in Tsintsabis. There is far too much alcohol and drug abuse among young people, ruining their future,” Chief Geelbooi said.

According to the chief, learners from the Tsintsabis Mixed School are also among those affected, with the bulk opting to drop out.

He emphasised that this has given parents sleepless nights.

“We are a small town. Those of us who live in the community and those who live on surrounding farms are all acquainted, and nothing can happen without my knowledge. Right now, I can tell you that our youth are dissolving. Moral degeneration has taken hold of them. We are concerned about their excessive use of alcohol and drugs. I believe we require the assistance of someone,” he stated.

Chief Geelbooi pointed out that while alcohol usage was prevalent in previous years, drug use was not.  “People used to drink here, just like anywhere else, but we have never had a drug problem. I believe something triggered our settlement’s drug problem,” he said.

Chief Geelbooi also pointed out that students who drop out of school have nowhere to go, lose focus and become involved in substance addiction and even crime.


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