Dynamics of Namibia politics changing

Dear Editor,

My attempt for this article is to make a public correction regarding my article published on the 14th of January 2021 in the Confidente newspaper where I expressed my view for a Swapo Extraordinary Congress. Some few readers failed to get a clear message of the point I tried to raise. Some had assumptions and conclusions that I was advocating for a nullification of the 2017 congress; that it be declared null and void.
Hence it is within this background that I would like to put it very clear that I am against anything aimed to dissolve those elected into the party structures. Any form of coup d’ etat is not to be entertained as it will create more chaos.

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It is easy to create confusion than to stop it.
My personal view is the need to have an extraordinary congress as a curtain raiser to the main congress.

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The idea is to put the Swapo house in order before the main congress. My fear is very clear if measures are not taken to contain the current situation, we anticipate for another faction.
Therefore, the party seriously and decisively needs to do some soul-searching homework and take remedial measures where things have gone off the rails. I believe the party can only self-correct if those at the helm want it to happen. lf leaders fail to act; we will experience a ticking time bomb in the form of volcanic eruptions.
I am not a reactionary and I do not belong to cliques. What I believe in is to build bridges.

I will remain loyal and firm to the principles, morals and core values of Swapo. But what I do not belong to is blind loyalty. We cannot sit and watch the Swapo ship sinking. We must rescue it – it is our heritage, our identity.
We either reform or collapse. A reconstruction of a radical, social and cultural organisation is required to influence a large segment of the general population and all ruling groups, both the government and the party, from the top structures to the sections, in the schools and factories. Time is now to return to the basic roots.
A wide variety of issues need to be raised, discussed and debated: broader ideological and political questions and more specific questions of economic, cultural, social, unity and political compass. Inclusivity must be made a policy issue to make inclusion the priority. Then people will also be appointed on that basis to avoid the tendency of tribalism, racism and regionalism. Proportional representation should be based on sound statistical evidence and not just a bare majority.
Hence the clarion call for an extraordinary congress. We need to change our political approach to an apparent intellectual and social approach in addressing the bone of contention rather than fighting amongst ourselves. The dynamics of politics is changing in the country. Let us not turn a blind eye.
We are in a new era so we should shift our tactics if we really opt to produce a new configuration in the next stage.

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The party needs more leaders who can exhibit their own unique features in terms of the dominant actors.
It will require a formidable force, unity of purpose and factor combined to produce the complexity of this cultural reform.

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During my many visits to China, l learned that you can’t serve the party and the government at the same time! The Congress or the party is doing the checks and balances on the government, recommending reshuffles and firing! You can’t have business if you work for the government, period, which I think are basics of diverting the people from corrupt practices to serving with distinction.
l believe that Swapo is greater than anyone and if all of us are on the same page, we will do better.
The view expressed in this article is not necessarily that of Swapo but my in-depth analysis and deep understanding, end and means strategy, stance between objective reality and action linking past events and predictions to avoid future crisis.
Allow me readers to conclude with the following: The emblem of Swapo party is a young man with a raised fist symbolising the youthfulness and energy of our nation surging forward to social progress. Let us not lose focus with communities.

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* McDavid Meroro, retired youth activist and former SPYL District Secretary and Member of SPYL Khomas Regional Executive Committee Member