ECN targets 1 731 790 voters

Electoral commission of Namibia spokesperson, De wet Siluka said that the commission is targeting to register all eligible voters in the country.

According to the Namibia Statistics Agency, the country has 1 731 790 eligible voters as per the 2023 Census and ECN is targeting to register all people that are above 18.

“We are aiming to register all people that are above 18, and according to Namibia Statistics Agency, we have 1 731 790 eligible voters, so we are targeting to register all eligible voters” Siluka said.

As of last week, ECN manages to register over 500 000 eligible voter which is amounting to 28.87% of registered voters. The amount also indicated that voters above 35 are the ones registering more compared to the youth (18-34 years).

In 2019, the ECN was targeting to register 1 358 468 eligible voters with 240 000 new voters and only 826 198 voters participated in the National Assembly election and 826 198 voted in presidential elections.

Siluka further said that the ECN will not extend the registrations dates after the due date in August and urged votes to avoid last minutes things.

“We will not extend the dates after the due date in August. Eligible voters must go and register now to avoid missing out” Siluka said.

Since the beginning of voters’ registration, political parties have been playing a significant role in urging their members to vote a move that is being applauded by ECN.

Peter Shaama chief Electoral and Referenda Officer  said that parties are playing a leading role in voter’s education, and they are assisting ECN to make sure that people are registered to vote in the upcoming elections.

“Parties knows when to start with their voters education initiatives and we are applauding them for playing their part in making sure that they have urged voters to register before the due date” Shaama said.