Economic opportunities for all Namibians – Venaani

By Confidente Reporter

THE Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president McHenry Venaani has said that due to history, government failure and corruption in the democratic era, there are skewed and shrinking opportunities in the country.

Venaani said this at a PDM policy conference which took place last week to compose a key alternative legislative framework and propose it to parliament.

“As the name suggests, an economically just society is one in which economic opportunities are available to all, and people have the capabilities to make use of those opportunities. We are not there yet. We are still an economically unjust society,” he said.

Venaani went on to say that the country fundamentally requires an alternative approach to redress and inclusion as over three decades of political freedom have not resulted in adequate improvement in the socio-economic prospects of the majority of Namibians.


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