EES talks about new music

• By Rosalia David

AWARD-WINNING artist Eric Sell, better known as EES will be releasing his latest album titled ‘Game Changer’ which he described as the biggest and “most levelled up” project he has ever done.

In an interview with Confidente this week, EES revealed some of the projects he has been working on saying that he has been cooking up a few sizzling tracks scheduled for release this year.

“I have been working on my new album for over two years now and this will be my biggest and most next level album.

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The whole pandemic situation really slowed down the speed in which we usually work but we are getting there,” he said.

EES said he is now in the final stages of preparing the launch for the first singles and music videos from his project that will be released prior to the album.

“It’s a lot of work, but work is what I really love doing and it’s an absolute honour to do this, as I feel that at some stage in a musician’s career, one takes things for granted – but I am just constantly grateful for this opportunity in general.

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Passionate about perfecting his art, EES said he has also been working around the clock and has been travelling back and forth to Namibia from his base in Germany to work with videographer Reggie to shoot two music videos.

He said no specific dates could be given at this point regarding the release of the songs and videos, as he is still arranging the dates.
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The music videos to be released first are ‘Hunt like a Lion’ and ‘Jagga Jagga’.
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“The release dates have not been 100 percent confirmed yet – but it will all drop in the next few months. The release of a single or an album is very important – so even if I want to release them as soon as possible for people to see these two great videos – I need to contain myself and wait for the right timing and pre-planning needs to happen,” he added.

Touching base on whether he has any plans to feature King Tee Dee on the album following his post on social media of a picture with him, EES said for now there was nothing in the works between the two popular artists.

“Oh no, King Tee Dee and me just met at Reggie’s Studio and quickly took some photos.

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I used this opportunity to ask my social media followers if they think it’s time for a big collaboration between the two of us. That was it – there is no new song or project planned. Both of us are very busy with so many things that it is currently very difficult to find time and actually sit together to plan something like this.

“But you never know. Tee Dee is actually one of the artists I see, chill, talk with the most when I am in Namibia – so hang in there – one day we will hit the industry with something hard! I know that,” claimed EES.

Not only has he been in the studio producing and recording songs, EES has also been working on a film.