ELIMA donates roof trusses to Amupanda’s school

BY Confidente reporter

ELIMA has donated trusses to Windhoek mayor Job Amupanda’s school that is currently under construction in the Otanana village, Oshikoto region.

Speaking at the handover, ELIMA founder and managing director Tateati Shapalo emphasised the importance of giving back to the community saying that their business is driven by such values.

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“We want to give back to the community especially in these trying times of Covid-19 and hope that our contribution makes a difference to the Otanana community,” Shapalo said.

Expressing gratitude towards the donation, Amupanda glorified ELIMA saying that the company initiated the donation after seeing the need to give back.

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“I was quite impressed and I must emphasise that it was not a case of where one goes and begs but they have decided themselves to donate which means that they are not only focused on their business but on what is also happening in society and the need in society,” he added.

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Amupanda further urged those in authority positions to make use of their positions to make a difference in society. “I am doing this thing in my own personal capacity and sometimes when I think all of us should do things like this in our personal capacities because when we are caught up with things such as being the mayor, we forget about other things, hence why I don’t allow this mayor thing to go to my head,” Amupanda stated.

ELIMA Light Weight Steel Manufacturers is a 100% previously disadvantaged Namibian owned company with its core business being the manufacturing of light weight steel roof frame solutions for the construction industry. ELIMA is one of the leading suppliers of Light Weight Steel trusses, purlins and ceiling battens in Namibia.

The company manufactures roof trusses, purlins and brandering for various construction companies, contractors and property developers. ELIMA Light Weight Steel Manufacturers provides service excellence, competitive prices and superb product ranges within the construction environment and the company prides itself in proudly Namibian products.

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With its mandate of offering the best quality products in Namibian and internationally, ELIMA’s materials are all engineer-approved as each structure is signed off by a registered structural engineer.

The materials are further adaptable with its structures being able to adapt to imperfect foundation conditions and sloping sites. Meanwhile, its trusses and structures are also assembled fast and efficiently by trained factory staff and can easily be assembled on-site. ELIMA’s LWS has a longer service lifetime, when compared to other material used for trusses which prove to be vulnerable to moisture and insects.

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Apart from providing high quality materials, the company further strives to become a leading supplier of lightweight steel trusses, purlins and brandering in Namibia.

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Other materials offered by ELIMA are girders, U-channels and lipped channels.

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“Our fabrication process utilises 3D printing technology for the production of lightweight steel trusses, purlins and brandering, which has been tried and tested around the world and our products achieve higher load bearing strengths and enhance efficiency in construction resulting in lower cost per square metre compared to conventional construction materials such as cold formed steel currently on the market,” Shapalo explained.

ELIMA Light Weight Steel Trusses, Purlins and Brandering are light, straight and true. A product ideal for permanent, temporary or emergency accommodation due to its mobility and speed of erection. It is up to 50% lighter than wooden frames and 68% lighter than mild steel.