Elso restructures operating model

By Business Reporter

ELSO will in August be restructuring its route to market solution by outsourcing its distribution and logistics to a Namibian supply chain partner, the company has announced.

This, the company said, will optimise operational efficiencies and improve customer service through faster and more reliable deliveries.
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“Elso will focus on the core of its business – manufacturing great Namibian cleaning and tissue products and ensuring customer service through its Elso Ambassadors around the country. Elso will continue to build truly Namibian brands in the cleaning space with new products that can compete head-on with the imported brands,” the company said in a statement.

Elso Holdings is the oldest and only Namibian manufacturer of cleaning materials which has been delivering quality products for more than 60 years to our Namibia customers. The wide range of products cater for all, from the daily house shores, to cleaning the biggest factories and shopping malls in the country.

“Elso customers will still be able to visit Elso stores across the country to place orders and buy Elso products.

These Elso stores outside of Windhoek will now be co-located with its supply chain partner’s depot facilities to ensure higher stock availability and reduce inefficiency. The Windhoek branch in Lazarett St will remain where it is, as will the branch in Tsumeb. As an environmentally friendly company that encourages all Namibians to recycle their plastic ware, Elso will continue to refill containers with Elso cleaning products for its customers at the Elso stores across Namibia.

Customers will also be serviced through Elso Ambassadors in each region and the retail key accounts manager,” the company added.

Elso’s customers can now look forward to receiving their products around the country through Elso’s supply chain partners’ expansive fleet and depot network.
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“As part of this change, Elso will need to right-size the work force as distribution will be entirely handled by the outsourced partner with its own employees. Although it is very sad to see people leave the business, it is a necessary part of building a strong Elso business that is able to best serve its customers around the country.”

Elso is a proudly Namibian business that continue to build new Namibian brands, such as its recently launched multi-purpose cleaner, Citro Power, and window cleaner, Citro Shine, supporting Namibia’s vision of industrialisation.