Emilia designed it, stitching dreams into reality.

• By Veronica Amaral

Emilia Petrus, 23, is a talented fashion designer with a flair for creativity who has been making waves in the industry with her unique and captivating designs.

Inspired by the vibrant colours and patterns in different cultures around the country, Petrus brings a fresh and eclectic perspective to her creations.

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  Her signature style combines unexpected elements, playing with unconventional silhouettes.

This creates a harmonious balance that genuinely sets her designs apart from the crowd. Petrus founded “Emilia Designed It” in 2021 and was inspired by her financial background.

She has always had a deep love for fashion and a creative spirit. “I come from a middle-class financial background, meaning I must work hard and smart for myself. “Seeing how clothing can be a form of self-expression and make people feel confident and beautiful inspired me to start designing clothes,” she said.

One of Petrus’s notable collections is the swimwear collection, which draws inspiration from various sources.

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  The collection incorporates unique prints and textures, drawing inspiration from different cultures.

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