End Menzies, Paragon Tug of War: Schmidt

• By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

Namibia Logistics Association (NLA) Secretary General Harald Schmidt wants the tug-of-war between Paragon Aviation and Menzies to end for business to return to normal.

Menzies has been in and out of court fighting Paragon and the Namibia Airports Company (NAC) over the Hosea Kutako International Airport ground handling tender.

The NAC evicted Menzies last weekend, leading to some airlines suspending their cargo services while others brought in their ground handlers.

Schmidt says the issue has nothing to do with whether a foreigner, a white person, or a person of colour owns the company that won the tender.

He says the question is why no one is ending the tug-of-war between Menzies and Paragon.

“What must happen? What are the real reasons we have a conundrum that cannot be atoned or rectified by a court case? Is it certification that could be an issue?

“How is it that Menzies got a verdict but somehow managed to get its foot in the door? Is it something with the lawyers?

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