End of road for Bukalo village CEO

IT is nearly three years since the Bukalo village council chief executive officer (CEO), Martin Limbo has been fighting for the renewal of his contract, however, this week the Labour court ruled that the Council does not have any legal obligation to renew his contract for another five years.

According to court documents seen by Confidente this week where Martin Limbo is the applicant and Bukalo Village Council is the respondent represented by its legal practitioner Jabulan Ncube, Limbo failed to prove that there was a legitimate expectation to renew the long-term contract and his contract came to an end by effluxion of time.

Limbo was employed by the Bukalo Village council on 1 June 2015.

On 7 October 2016, he was suspended for misconduct stemming allegations of and stayed on suspension with full pay until 17 August 2017 and his contract of employment was to come to an end on 31 May 2020. Limbo in his argument stated that the allegations for his suspension were baseless and approached the office of the Labour Commissioner to look into his matter.

“After the matter was arbitrated, the applicant was found to have been placed on suspension unfairly and the arbitrator instructed the respondent to reinstate the applicant. When the applicant returned to office, he was only left with eight months in office,” he stated.

The applicant furthermore stated that he has referred a matter for legitimate expectation to the office of the Labour Commissioner because he has a right to employment.

“The respondent has interrupted the applicant’s employment contract even though the applicant was compensated for the time he was out of office. The applicant states that the fact that the respondent has compensated him for his financial loss does not measure up to the time lost outside the office and therefore the applicant states that he gave him a legitimate expectation for contract renewal.