Enghandja April heroes honoured


THE remains of the 12 People Liberation Army of Namibian (PLAN) fighters who were killed in combat on April 1 1989 at Enghandja during clashes with the South African Defence Force, were exhumed and buried in a mass grave last Saturday at the same village.

PLAN was a military wing for Swapo during the war for liberation.

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The fighters were part of a 430-strong regiment which crossed into Namibia from Angolan during a failed ceasefire which turned deadly for PLAN operatives.

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The United Nations (UN) negotiated a ceasefire between the two warring parties and it was decided that on April 1 1989, the SADF would allow lightly armed PLAN fighters under the supervision of the UN to enter Namibian territory without hostilities.

The SADF soldiers would be stationed some kilometres away from the border, creating a buffer zone.
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However, according to reports, the then apartheid South African government violated the ceasefire and kept their soldiers along the border without the knowledge of the UN.

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Read the full story in this week’s edition.