Erase Aesthetics opens its doors

  By Rosalia David

ENTREPRENEUR Ellona Gurirus over the weekend launched her body contouring studio ‘Erase Aesthetics’ specialising in non-surgical body contouring by cavitation (fat reduction) and radio frequency (skin tightening).

Speaking to Confidente, Gurirus described how she has always dreamed of having her own beauty shop when she first started her home studio providing eyelash extension services known as Lashed by E.

“I was always interested in the beauty industry.

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Later I became interested in body contouring because I’d sometimes work out but then my tummy fat would not reduce hence I had to find an alternative way to reduce the tummy fat. I then did my research and went for courses in Johannesburg, South Africa,” she said.

She went on to say that after following her passion and dream, she found herself owning her own body studio which now has qualified aestheticians with it being the only establishment with the latest Emsculpting fat burn and muscle build machine in Windhoek.

“We at Erase Aesthetics would like to give our potential clients the best results and also bring back their confidence.

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Potential clients can come in for body contouring sessions.

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For example if a client has been struggling with tummy fat, we would conduct a consultation with the client to determine the amount of cavitation sessions the client will need in order to reduce the stubborn tummy fat. Same goes for emasculating, radio frequency and laser hair removal.”

Questioned on what inspired her business, Gurirus said many Namibians struggle to gain confidence due to unwanted fat.

On the growth of the business ever since it opened its doors, she said the progress is more visible in the body contouring services as the demand continues to grow.

“I feel like we just need to educate people more on what non-surgical body contouring is and also make the service affordable for our potential clients to be able to afford all the necessary sessions in order to get the best results,” she stressed.

She however further emphasised their services are not a gym or exercise replacement but rather to assist with reducing the stubborn fats that are sometimes hard to get rid of.

“Even when you have been exercising, we also give you a kick-start on burning fat and building muscle for a more summer body.

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When you look good, you feel good,” she said.

Consultation fee is N$200 while the body contouring sessions range between N$400 and N$550; and for laser hair removal charge is between N$300 and N$1 800.

Erase Aesthetics studio is situated in Ausspannplatz, Windhoek.