Erich to host one-man show

By Confidente Reporter

WINDHOEKERS and all local lovers of laughter can look forward to the first edition of a new one-man comedy show at the Beacon Lodge in Windhoek this Saturday, where up-and-coming local stand-up comedian Erich Nepembe will be doing his thing.

Adding a fun-filled entertainment extravaganza to its new and classy venue, the Beacon Lodge will start hosting a stand-up comedy event every month to give an opportunity to old and new talents.

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Erich will open the series this week and audience can expect the self-proclaimed “short and fat funny Kwambi” who says his brand of comedy is unapologetic. His jokes are diverse, mostly observational comedy which takes critical look at our ailing politics, the current state of the economy and old-fashioned cultural norms.

“I do some physical comedy, as well as normal one-liners which require a bit of quick thinking,” he said, adding that his achievements so far include the recognition he has gained in the industry.

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“I have performed mostly in the shower, but seriously I have been everywhere, including performing at corporate events like Debmarine Namibia and Namcor. I also performed at several weddings, (which made me eligible to get chicken), and I also opened for comedians, like Courage the comedian and Mark Kariahuua at their one-man shows,” he enthused.

Erich has also performed at charity events in Walvis Bay, as well in Windhoek, and at several Free Your Mind events. The show starts 20h00 and is free of charge.

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Live deejays are expected to spin the decks, as well.