Etakaya renamed Sakaria H Nghikembua primary school

By Confidente Reporter

THE former Etakaya primary school was recently renamed to Sakaria H Nghikembua primary school. Situated in the village of Etakaya in the Oshikunde constituency in the Ohangwena region, the school accommodates 142 learners in grades 0 to 7.

Situated mid-way between the regional capital of Eenhana and the Okongo village, has two permanent classrooms with rest being make-shift classrooms made with zinc roofs and traditional poles as main body.

The official renaming ceremony, which took place on 7 June 2019, was attended by the deputy minister of education, arts and culture, Ester Anna Nghipondoka, the councilor for Oshikunde constituency, the inspector of education of Ohakafiya circuit, corporate sponsors, the Sakaria Haufiku Nghikembua choir from Edundja ELCIN parish, senior education officials from the Ohangwena regional education office, parents and members of the Etakaya community, as well as family members and friends of Sakaria Nghikembua.

Speaking at the event the education deputy minister stressed the value of partnerships in education between government and other stakeholders.

She emphasised that government alone cannot be expected to bear sole responsibility for education, stating ‘no school can be successful through government support alone, it needs engagement of all Namibians who have the means and capacity, coming together to celebrate education and make meaningful contributions to meet government halfway in ensuring the fulfilment of the mandate of educating the Namibian child’. The school principal, Junias Nghishoongele, stated that although renaming the school was a long and arduous process requiring consultations with various stakeholders, he was pleased that this process was successfully completed. The idea of renaming the school came from a parent at a parents’ meeting five years ago. Since then, the school has been busy with the various procedures involved in the renaming process culminating in approval of the name-change towards the end of last year.

Speaking in Oshikwanyama, Nghikembua emphasised the value of education in development. He stated that children are the future of Namibia.

Nghikembua urged parents to take an interest in their children’s education by asking them about what they were taught at school, giving them time to do their homework and study for tests at home and by keeping in touch with teachers at school to find out how their children are doing. Turning to the learners, Nghikembua emphasised the need for discipline adding ‘learners, you need to listen to both your parents at home and teachers at school. Without discipline, you can go nowhere. If you are disciplined, you will consistently pass until you finish your entire education, inclusive of tertiary education. And when you complete your education, you will get a job, become a professional and help yourself, your family, your community and your country’.

Corporates announced sponsorships to the school.

Towards this end, the Development Bank of Namibia will make available N$350,000 for the building of a classroom block to be called ‘DBN’ block, Metropolitan Swabou announced a sponsorship of N$156,000 to bring electricity to the school, Standard Bank will make available N$50,000 for fencing the school whilst the FirstRand Foundation made available sponsorship worth N$55,600 for school stationery, two water- purifying containers and twenty refurbished computers.