Ethnix drops sensual music video

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN R&B duo Ethnix, consisting of Etjo Kangumine and Julius Hamwele better known as Page has released a single accompanied by a sexy music video titled ‘Ohole so nice’.
In a nutshell the song is about sustaining a romantic relationship and not wanting it to end.
In an interview with Confidente, the two singers explained how the concept of the video came about while revealing that there is a new album underway.
“This is a single from our upcoming album. We are not sure when exactly it will be released but we are definitely going to drop one this year. We don’t even have a name for it yet,” said Kangumine.
She added that they however plan to release another single before the official album is out.
‘Ohole so nice’ was released last week with a concept to spread love and it’s a continuous story from their previous single titled Ponomate.
“The title is a popular phrase we like a lot and from there we decided to put it to work. It is basically just a story which continues from the previous video which was talking about me being hurt and now in this one, the guy sees me after I stopped caring … so it’s me saying, come, I have enough love to give,” she said.
Hamwele said he hopes that the video will allow music lovers to enjoy the full story.
“We used the same people (from the previous video) as it is a story that started from the song Ponomate now to Ohole so nice,” he added.
Last year the duo walked away with an award for best R&B with the song Composure at the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs).