ex-NamPost GM stole my millions-Titus


A 62-year-old local businessman, Abed Titus has accused former NamPost, General Manager (GM), Patrick Gardener of being a crooked thief who undermines black people’s intelligence and used his position to rob them

Titus said Gardener used his position to swindle over N$ 2 million which was meant to be deposited into his account but was diverted to other accounts which do not belong to him.

“I realised this mistake after I went to make another deposit of N$ 280 000 to my investment account.

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Initially, I had deposited N$ 1 452 307.80, but when I got there, was told my account balance was N$ 400 000. After realising this error, I went into an office where I was given a paper showing my balance was N$
1 100 000 to which I objected. On this very day, I had on me a cheque of N$ 280 000 which one, Indileni Hauwanga somehow deposited into a Conradic and Damaseb Bank Windhoek account and not my Nampost Account,” he said

In an email seen by Confidente, Hauwanga wrote to Venencia Matheus, she pointed out that Titus had requested to have N$ 20 000 transferred to his smartcard.

“I never made this requested and there were doing this without my knowledge.

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In all this, I blame Gardener because he was the GM at that time and he signed off on a number of transactions which I never agreed to. They forged my bank statement to show I had made withdrawals which I never did.”

According to Titus he opened two separate case, the first one registered as CR 146/01/2007 and another as CR 884/08/2016.