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Govt rubbishes taxi fare increase

… says NTTU is confusing commuters

• Tululu Onesmus

It was N$14 in stage 2 and went back to N$12 in stage 4. Nonsense, people are retrenched and some don’t get paid or lost their jobs. Taxi drivers are not special not to suffer like other companies and individuals.

• Tate Mbenge

Taxi drivers have been affected by the pandemic but that doesn’t exempt anybody else. Who is going to afford that high taxi fare if everyone is struggling to make ends meet? We shouldn’t have people trying to suck from others who are also trying by all means to have what they should have.

• Tuwilikah Penexupifo

The question is, how about those who lost jobs, how are they going to pay 15dollar? It is better to keep the price unchanging, do make decisions considering both sides please…. In fact, NOT ONLY TAXI DRIVERS THAT LOSE BUT IT AFFECTS EVERYONE! Please use your common sense Tate, I thank you.

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• Claudia Shuumbwa

Dear NTTU: There are people that have lost their jobs and some getting paid 50% of their normal salaries due to the pandemic, please use your common sense…

• Harold Danster

This is total rubbish since last year the prices of petrol and diesel were reduced and taxis especially were having a blast but prices of taxi still went up this is day light robbery … they act like they are the only ones affected by this Pandemic they will soon lose their clients as they start using buses

• Mbalau Carlos

2020 is a year to survive not to make a profit or save. As long as we have something to keep us going, it should be enough, we can’t expect much.

So my Taxi brothers and Taxi owners we all have lost income in some forms, let’s just hang in there until at least COVID-19 is behind our backs, so far we can’t expect

anything better

We can no longer compete- Kavekotora

… opposition parties losing steam

• Winter Jeremia

It may sound weird to some but the truth is that RDP is still full of individuals that are determined and ready to help it reclaim its position in the political arena. Through thick and thin, we got your back Cde Kavekotora.

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For IPC, we wish you all the best. Swapo remains useless.

• Walter Haikola

That is the reality. What you want me to do ?? Live in denial or what. . Remember Swapo recently had postmortem due to decrease in numbers of votes

• Zteven Zteluz Claboz Namiz

It’s obvious that these guys are just fighting to be in the parliament for themselves. He is cool as long as he wins that one or two seat to be in the cabinet that’s it.

• Haipa Etuwete

Sounds very funny … these are the guys who claimed that Swapo rigged the election and they are the one who were supposed to win . Today they are claiming not to have candidates to be fixed at many regions; how trustworthy are these people?

• Theo Hunibeb

RDP doesn’t have base or stronghold to build their support from. I think RDP will not be around come 2025.

Oshakati hospital using paper for bedding

• Shareter Shareter

All for government to be blamed. I just feel pity for the health workers, since they are risking their lives to work without enough equipment’s may God protect you all.

• Betty Phillip

This is pathetic and negligence of duty, are you telling us there is no funds to fix the laundry? Priorities misplaced really.

• Veronica Gomusas

It’s nothing new it’s probably done in most hospitals across the country

• Given Kauhano Sampayo

Every time I read about these things in the papers….I get so angry; much worse when millions of dollars disappears in front of those who are supposed to safeguard it.

• Saara Monika Ya Joel

The government cannot afford to fix those equipment, imagine we carry our own hand wash soap to work, I hate being a Namibian

• Poppy Naobes

Yoh its embarrassing SWAPO has all the money but governmental facilities especially the health suffers, wake up people stop voting these people in power just because your parents are doing it grow the hell up!

Kahimise probes Shiikwa in N$296 000 ‘irregular’ payment

• Silas Bundje

Since this man come to city of Windhoek there have been just endless fights there. When Mr. Nilo Tapopii was there everything was quiet and smooth. I think his the problem.

• Tatyanna Iyambo-Kalya Kahimise

Stubbornness against corruption is a plus! We need leaders like this

• Evans Mwangala Mr Kahimise

Is a man of integrity and I am proud that the guy will be released from this SWAPO remote control thing. Soon will be joining cenored and is trying to leave the house in order

• Nathan MC Haininga Kahimise

Must just back off and go to his new post. He left no legacy whatsoever at City of Windhoek except non-stop controversies.