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800 minors raped

… 27 by biological fathers

• Bertha Shawelaka

The rape culture is real. Often than not, especially when the victim is a young woman or older, the general society blames the victim. Shockingly, some women are in the forefront defending offenders, blaming and shaming other women. If rapists are protected when they rape older people, what will scare them from raping minors, toddlers and babies?

Stop defending people accused of rape and wait for the law to find them innocent.

• Iyaloo Sackaria

I’m sure there are many kids scared to speak up, and women rather believe their boyfriends and husbands instead of their kids.

• Amilia Smith

And when grown women report rape then people say it’s a “deal gone wrong”. I always tell my fellow women that “if he is not afraid to rape a minor, do you really think he would be afraid to rape you?” Instead of asking “what is the government going to do? ask WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO. We have women & children being raped in families, a child telling her mom that her man is raping her but she is not doing anything.  Pls men talk to your fellow men. This is not right at all.

• Ndafuda Linus

This corona holiday is a punishment to our girls, those animals (fathers) need death penalty.

• Ping Tin Xuzhou

Please publish the names of those animals you’re calling “fathers” to avoid insulting some of us.

• Peter Steenkamp

Death penalty only solution. This kind of criminal will reproduce his kind!

• Zander Hayabuza Kruger

Love the fact that all men are being put in the same boat; please leave us real fathers out of this! We fight day by day for our family, esp. our kid(s). Much respect to the real fathers out there, the Kings themselves. Easy solution, bring those child rapists, put them in a room with the real dads and see what happens.

Namibia-Russia ties – a gain for Covid-19 vaccine

• Ability Kankono

With almighty God, the vaccine will soon be available and the world will get back to the normal again.

• Nathan Pablo-Sir

Might be a financial scam, let’s just steam and use our elephant tudhis, a free God given summer heat is coming! As we know people recovered without medicines and some people maybe already had that flu and it left them unknowingly so that vaccine might be just as well useless, why can’t they give/sell to USA?

• Silas Bundje

Let’s first wait and see how the vaccine behaves in other countries before we administer it on our people. Just imagine if the vaccine is poisonous then our whole population is gone.

• DriikO-Riuzz Riio Uiseb

I don’t see anything wrong with that move. Russian’s are one of the fore runners as far as medical research and health care is concerned. Before you all drop negative comments do some background check. Don’t be fool by Trump’s western politics?

• Shilongo Nangombe

We Namibian shouldn’t complain about the vaccine since our so called doctors haven’t done experiments to find the remedy.

Army personnel aggrieved over allowances

• Natasha Demery

And yet they feel good to chase us up n down in the street like people who received their pocket money from. It’s because they are ANGRY and are taking out that stress on us.

• Sha’Temba Timberland Andowa

NDF members got no rights to demand. Unless they forgot what they signed up for.

• Fillemon shivute Kwedhi

The truth will be later called or hidden behind mutiny, insubordinate, failed to follow military standing order and code of conduct and lot of no-nonsenseinstead of paying the entitlement of the employee that he/she deserved ! That follow channel is a poem dating from 21/03/1990.

•Nicolene Beeth Kautjituavi

You have at least a job other people lost their jobs since April -schools are closed some people eating out of Dustbins -some sleep on streets they can’t pay their rent -churches are closed -some sleep hungry; look around u and be thankful of what u have and that is a job.

• Nangoes Nangoes

This soldiers are undisciplined, they need to be fired already, why crying for money when they were the same people kicking others around who wanted to make living by selling their kapana; at least they eat at the base, what is the s&t for? Do they buy food, pay for accommodation?

• Imms Shikwamanda

It’s true, our leaders are so arrogant, ignorant and careless plus selfish. We have people who are deployed in remote areas due to COVID-19 but nothing like S&T or any allowance. Why should you neglect these people? Then when someone dies you want to respect his or her corpse while you fail to take care of the members while they are alive. This should be addressed in all the ministries involved in the fight against covid-19.