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Committee to solve football appointed

• Erastus Penaantu Amakali

They must read FIFA constitution. ..FIFA does not allow government interference in country’s soccer affairs. NSC does not have any authority to arbitrate or instruct NFA.

• Belouw Taunareb

After she (the minister) had so much time to deliver the verdict she is still bringing on a committee to solve the problem? I think she is starting with a political agenda by choosing NPL. NFA is under FIFA and no government interference is needed, we will be expelled by FIFA.

• Filipus Zoophilist Shilongo

Ouch… Namibia politicians just want to be involved in everything and to be honest they don’t know and understand football.

Why can’t they let the people who understand sport run it and be in charge? This is just nonsensical. Football is going to be dead forever as long as the politicians are sticking their noses in it.

• Veii-Mujoro Kavezemburuka

Who is this biggest funder of football in Namibia? Why is it good when we need funds that GRN must come in but may not resolve issues? In my view there is no winner or loser. Whatever verdict could have been given it would not have resolved the matter.

• Manorlo Kavetu

NFA and NPL have already parted ways; I don’t know why people are fighting again, everyone is on their own. What is the need of appointing a committee again? Everyone is sorted.  NSC should just register NPL simple. Is there any problem with that?

• Deon Namaseb

FIFA won’t recognize the outcome of any such committee, their stance on Government intervention is clear. There was a FIFA directive and a CAS matter is pending, will this committee’s resolutions nullify those? Just further delays for our players … another year their children will have nothing for Xmas. But it’s ok I guess.

• Oscar Pek

This is a complete lockdown of our sport. We are having lots of ex-players who should be obliged and involved in this activity but every time I see what is going on with Namibian sport is just a mess.

Govt engaging Russia

on vaccine

• Kissie Juelz

I would prefer that Vaccine from Russia, that is a Solid Country.

• Asho Crossbow

I can trust it, as long as it is not from USA and China. I am not worried about Russia.

• Headley Karina

We don’t want your vaccines don’t you understand how we feel about this. You African leaders keep doing the same mistake … We are not animals they don’t give it to their people in Russia but you Mr Kalumbi you want to inject the Namibian people with this poison vaccine?

• Pe Wa Oshali

Even with medicines that you going to pay in millions you guys still want to go through backdoors? Corruption is very much rooted ne? You can as well acquire Corona corruptly.

Shock as Covid results are delivered telephonically

• Ndapewa Given Hamana Shaumbwa

Health care workers are people too having their families just like you. If you are positive, who do you think will come near you just to deliver the result? No man… Confirm health workers salaries first. You can’t expose yourself to infection for a mere peanut salary, and in this hard time the ministry does not want to increase the salary even.

• Wilkka Shilongo

Namibians how do you expect the ministry to deliver results to people who are tested. Imagine almost 200 people tested positive in Windhoek. Will the ministry be able to reach all those people and how and who do you expect to do it? Let us think properly before we complain. If a person is tested then he or she must be ready for whatever result that comes.

• Johnson F. Nghaamwa

In as much as I agree that it is not ideal, I also understand that the situation might be dictating so. The health workers are being inundated with positive cases now. What’s more, there is a shortage of human resources owing to the fact that many health workers are isolated as a result of Covid-19 infection.

Therefore, they can hardly manage to go to every single person who tested positive to deliver the results.

• Johannes Aghahowa

We like complaining over petty issues. I don’t see anything wrong getting your results via the phone. The only problem maybe is lack of counselling and probably lack of outreach programmes especially on information about COVID-19 and what can one do if the result is in the red.

• Khlo Letha

You don’t need someone to sit you down and tell you that you are positive.

• Tk Ndeikonghola

It’s not acceptable. People have different ways of reacting to bad news. We are talking about a deadly disease here, which took 82 lives already.

• Hel Ena

My family member got tested, results came as positive, they told us to be in self-quarantine, and we did it. They never came to test us. Why God? Why? Just so bad.

• Nally Elly Amalenge

But that self-quarantine or isolation I am against it because we are still seeing people who tested positive walking around; which is not right. Admit the people for 10 days even in youth hostels and let them go when they are no more a danger.

• Osho Happy

Government gave up on fighting Corona so early. They were telling us they are ready but now they are negligently sending positive patients home by taxi, which is increasing spreading of the virus.