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Govt foils plot to bankrupt Meatco

Hedimbi Nehemia

The government is already investing a lot into the meet sector. Abattoirs are constructed and new ones are being constructed for Meatco and other stakeholders to operate them.

Haylofu Ya Haidimbi Nelulu

Instead of the state benefiting from exporting meat to international markets, a group of politically affiliated thugs decided to create hell for Meatco so that they benefit and not the citizens of this country.

Nangolo Awala

Oh Namibia itself has never been profitable in my view so let China or any other big country take us over like they did with some countries. Come on now let us just keep politics out of SOEs and all will be ok.

Asho Crossbow

RCC was brought down in same selfish act so that the elites will register new companies to compete in road construction tenders. Same with Meatco, l can guess what is gonna happen. There could be some companies on standby waiting to take over. Companies owned by those who want Meatco to go down so that they will steal the meat market both here and internationally for themselves to become super rich. Such nonsense should stop…

Mat Haroldt Haradoeb

I don’t know until when this so called white supremacists wants to hold us hostage, soon they will fall on their own sword.


No bailouts for SOEs

Nambahu Neshuku

You find a company which is not doing well financially and the CEO salary is about 1m p/m and on top of that they add bonus+multiple allowances (everything’s allowances) and again you find that company asking for bailout from the government, why

Paulus PK Kaupu

It’s bailout SOEs year in year out, what about other businesses that are also struggling to make ends meets? Let all of us be bailed out.

Ahty Nestor

Good decision finally they must work hard and make their revenue and profit.

Elizabeth Mbidi

Maybe divert stolen money to bail out SOE since most employ a significant percentage of Namibia population and stop giving few individuals the resources of Namibia.B1 claims three lives after “drag race”

Ester Hainane

People should stop being selfish, you are making the family to lose two people for nothing & they are hurt. People before we think of engaging in dangerous behaviors we should always think if we have any people to hurt if things go wrong, unless they were drunk. Your family always needs you.

Mhani David

Let us all look at both sides, sometimes is not to judge but is to face reality, racing on public roads is very dangerous and you don’t even respect others who are using the same road, this is the big lesson to those who are doing the same thing, please we must not always defending what is wrong, we know it is not easy to lose young ones but they are gone already and now let us warn the living ones, so that we will not let any soul perish because of such kind of activities.

Robert Sundano

It’s indeed a tragedy for the parents of the deceased. It’s not easy losing lives. It’s for us to stop such kind of dangerous activities which can at any time end our lives. May their souls rest in peace

Veronia Mokaleng

Prayers … let’s pray for our children that are also playing this dangerous game and think it is a smart play and not thinking about the dangers in it. May their Soul Rest in Peace, My Condolences

Yazira Aloysia

In other countries racing is for sport and it’s during the day at the racing track and in Namibia drag racing in public roads and is for people to see who’s driving the fastest car and they will be racing in the night, so unnecessary. This has to stop and my condolences to the family.

Edgar Minyoi

As sad as it is, it was only a matter of time, these illegal races have become a thing on the B1 and seriously need to come to an end

Frank Blue

Maybe it’s time for city of Windhoek to build a drag race field in Khomasdal.