Faizel MC back in the limelight

By Rosalia David

AFRO pop legend Faizel MC also known as King Moto who took a break from the music scene in 2011 is back with a new single titled ‘Banjuka’.

The artist (FM) who moved from Namibia to Europe in 2011 to concentrate on ‘other engagements’ speaks to Confidente’s Rosalia David (RD) this week on his comeback and his newly released single.

RD: Kindly give us a breakdown on why you took a break from music for some time?

FM: I had other engagements to fulfil and they were more vital, such as starting my foundation back home in East Africa, the new real estate business and my tour company needed me to personally be involved.  But as I was out of Namibia, I still released music for other countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, but not for Namibia, however, I have never and will never stop loving music.

So now I decided to come back and give my fans a new twist of the maturity of the lyrical content and I love the direction I took.

The time I left Namibia to move to Europe, I went behind the camera for other artists.

I have been in Europe for over 13 years officially, but like I said, I have businesses that kept me going back and forth to Africa during that time and they needed me to stay a month tops or more depending on my plans.

RD: What is the new single Banjuka about and who produced it?

FM: Now I have a new one called Banjuka. It means enjoy, party, have fun, chill with me Namibia. It is a song for my Namibian people. And at same time it’s just a love song for them. But surprisingly enough, Kenya and Tanzania are loving the song and they are dancing to it.

Ruff n Tuff Records is my label since I left Butterfly Records, however this time I corroborated with them on the projects as they have taken over my management and promotion for the southern Africa section. The song was mixed and mastered by one producer from Germany.

Three months ago, I released a hot jam featuring Oteya titled ‘Energy’ and I would say that the feedback has been amazing so far. But before that, I had done a song with Sunny Boy but Covid-19 intervened and we had to put a stop to the whole project’s promotion, even the song Energy was not spread widely to my fans.

RD: How was Banjuka received so far?

FM: The song is still new, too early to tell for now, let us see how it goes. However, it is a song that sells itself and is catchy and it is merely a sing along song that will catch your attention no matter which language you speak. Even if you don’t speak Swahili, you will find a few words to sing along to it.

RD: Do you have plans to release more songs now that you are back in the local music industry?

FM: I can only promise more and more songs in the future, the break is now over.

So far, I have ‘Oshoye’ with Sunny Boy, ‘Energy’ featuring Oteya is already out and there is also one Amapiano song on the way. We have many good things coming your way. Currently, I am running a competition on my Instagram page called the #100videochallenge. For those who wish to be part of it, go through my social media pages and participate you might just win yourself money in USD.