Farming expert outlines costly mistakes to avoid as a Namibian farmer

• By Confidente Reporter

Crops and Poultry Technical Advisor Hanks Saisai has warned farmers to be cautious of frequent mistakes that are typically missed until they lead to an agribusiness’s complete failure.

He also emphasised the need for strenuous effort, determination, dedication, and inventiveness in farming. “The most common mistake that new farmers make is underestimating that farming is both a business and a science. Successful farming takes knowledge, skills, and a persistent attitude. The business side of farming necessitates an understanding that when an investment is made to purchase inputs such as seeds, chicks, goats, or sheep, the basic goal is to profit from the original investment amount when sales proceeds are received,” he explained.

As a result, Saisai said that when starting a farming enterprise, farmers must first identify a problem that needs to be solved and then develop a farming enterprise to address it.

“For example, as a nation, we still import almost 96 per cent of the fruits Namibian families consume. So, if one establishes an orchard, one can infiltrate this specialised market by delivering a desired commodity. Secondly, clients must be offered a benefit. For example, distance is a significant operational cost for many merchants and wholesalers.

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