Fashion Revolution: The Rise of Edward’s streetwear dictionary

THE vibrant and ever-evolving local fashion scene is a fusion of cultural diversity, and artistic expression giving rise to a burgeoning fashion industry.  Namibia is endowed with a rich tapestry of traditions, landscapes, and a fashion scene that is gaining international recognition.

From the bustling streets of Windhoek to the remote Himba villages, the landscape tells the story of how local designers are redefining fashion, drawing inspiration from their heritage while embracing modernity.

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  The local fashion landscape is growing rapidly, with more self-taught designers rising to the challenge and launching their brands.

The saying ‘the world is your oyster’ speaks volumes about self-taught designer Lourens Edward, who is on a journey of self-discovery.

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Speaking to Confidente Edward delves into the rising fashion industry of Namibia, where creativity knows no bounds.

“I have been in the fashion industry for over four years, and my grandmother inspired me to create my designs.

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