Fashion variety displayed at KFW

By Rosalia David

THE Katutura Fashion Week (KFW) which took place over the weekend had 19 designers showcasing their garments and out of those ‘Reggae studio designs’ and ‘MH Design’ stood out from the rest.

Both collections were made of simple silhouettes and details that made the assortments ready-to-wear from runway to everyday wear.

This year’s KFW’s theme was ‘Fusing Culture with Fashion’ which meant incorporating culture into fashion, which translated to designers getting out of their comfort zones in order to make something unique.

On the two event days which were the runway nights, designers showed off new fashion trends with models working the runway dressed in ready-to-wear outfits; in a variety of designs for women and men, plus size wear for both male and females; and outfits for children.

Speaking to Confidente after the event, Zimbabwean fashion designer and owner of ‘Reggae studio designs’ Chenjerai Muchingami said his clothing was well received by fashion lovers who attended the show.

“I like the fact that this fashion show is for everyone, it has given me so much exposure to a point where there are people who are now interested in buying my clothing.”

He said his line is inspired by the marijuana plant which he described as ‘a special natural plant’ that should be embraced.

Muchingami added that he makes all type of clothing for all age groups: “I make everything, as long as there is a fabric. I have made a few outfits for kids as well. I have collections with legendary faces such as Bob Marley.”

Meanwhile, Namibian fashion designer and owner of ‘MH Design’ Miriam Hamukwaya said her clothing line is inspired by her surroundings.

She said her photographic memory also allows her to be more creative when it comes to designing her clothes.

“It was an amazing show, I sold a few clothes there, they even wanted me to close off, and closing off the show is a big deal to many designers. My line is made from just looking around and when something captures my eye, I go for it.”

Hamukwaya added that she has plans to take part in the 2021 Windhoek Fashion Week as she had missed the deadline for this year’s show.