Fashion Week gets N$3.6m boost

By Rosalia David 

WINDHOEK Fashion Week received a boost this week when Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) announced a sponsorship of N$3.6 million for the next three years to the annual event, which will now take up the name ‘MTC Windhoek Fashion Week’. 
The sponsorship was revealed by MTC chief human capital Tim Ekandjo who said there was potential for growth in the fashion industry and the company was willing to invest and be part of this drive to take this sector to a whole new level. 
Showing gratitude towards the sponsorship, one of the founders of Windhoek Fashion Week, Luis Munana said he is more than excited as their hard work and consistency is finally paying off. 
He said, the investment now allows them to host a ‘bigger and better’ event while positively contributing to the livelihood of many young Namibians. 
“Every year, we have fashion graduates from Unam and College of the Arts that want to prosper in this fashion industry but finance remains the stumbling block, so, through this we will be able to instil some sort of hope to many,” he said. 
He went on to say that the organising team this year has plans to purchase materials for the designers as well as increase the number of designers participating compared to last year. 
“I am not yet sure on the logistics side because we need to consult MTC to see how far we can go but ideally, we would like to give an opportunity to more designers and hopefully make the entry fee free for everyone this time around,” added Munana. 
Windhoek Fashion Week established in 2016 has seen a mix of local and foreign designers take part; and has gradually grown to become a major event in Southern Africa. 
Last year, Windhoek Fashion Week had a diverse group of designers for the first time where University of Johannesburg’s fashion students also showcased their garments.  
Some of the designers who also took part in the 2019 Windhoek Fashion Week were House of St Luke (South Africa), Kabaso Nkandu (Zambia) and Maison De Rouge (Zimbabwe) including Namibian exhibitors such as  Pom Couture, //Concept, House of Cyndie, Da Broadwear and Honeycassie Designs. 
A total number of 30 female and 20 male models were introduced to the runway for the first time and graced the stage last year. 
Although the Windhoek Fashion Week has finally managed to secure the bag, Munana said the date on when the event might take place is still unknown as they are looking at hosting the show after the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) have taken place. 
“Usually the fashion show takes place early November but we don’t know when the NAMAs is going to be happening they said it’s either between September, October or November so we would like to host it thereafter, maybe we will start looking at end of November or beginning of December,” he said.