Fashion Week opens doors for male models

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN male models who graced this year’s MTC Windhoek Fashion Week (MTCWFW), a week ago have said that the platform has opened doors for them in the local and international market.

In an interview with Confidente, male model Ronel Rogerio who took the stage for the first time at the annual fashion industry event said the platform has not only allowed him to grow his portfolio but has also opened up doors for him especially in the local market.

This year 40 female and 30 male models took part in MTCWFW compared to last year’s 20 men and 30 women. 

“After I have taken part in the fashion week, I have gotten a lot of phone calls and positive reviews regarding me on the runway and it was quite exciting to see more male models being part of the show this year,” he said.

He added that showcasing his talent at the event had boosted his confidence to pursue his modelling career.

“From now on, I will be more active in the fashion industry,” he said.

Another model Saint-Angelo Eimann who modelled for fashion week for the second time also expressed gratitude towards the opportunity of taking part in the much anticipated runway show saying that it has indeed become one of the most sought after events on the Namibian calendar.

“The MTC-Windhoek fashion week is one of those events we look forward to every year because it is really a platform for persons from all works of life and being part of it once more was incredible. It is the perfect exposure platform every model or designer should take on,” he said.

The Swakopmund-based model further mentioned that the idea of the show having included more male models this time around was a step in the right direction for the fashion industry.

Popular male model Kennedy Amadhila who has made a name for himself in the fashion industry through taking part in international pageants said that the 5th annual MTC-Windhoek Fashion week is evidence that the fashion industry has evolved significantly over the years.

He has been part of the fashion week runway family for three consecutive years.

“This event has allowed me to network with different types of people and I made connections. I have walked on international stages before but I was doing pageants but now that I have taken part in this year’s show again, I want to build my portfolio in fashion shows more as well,” he added.

Event co-founder Luis Munana said, what stood out for him was the audience.

“The people who attended were not just the fashionistas but a variety of people from different professions and organisations, the young people, elderly, socialites and influencers, it was attended by a diverse crowd. We had different skin colours which for me united the Namibian nation.”

Asked on how many designers participated, he said they were 35 and out of those five were from Angola, South Africa and Zambia.

Munana further described the event as successful but however mentioned that the pandemic resulted to things changing such as having a limit on the number of people attending.

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“The only hiccup was the pandemic that forced us to change the entire set up and how we do most of the things changed as we had to adhere to Covid-19 regulations but although that was a challenge, we managed.”

He added that the organising team also planned and targeted to sell out all the tickets but could not because of the minimum number people they were allowed to have at a public gathering.

The highly anticipated fashion week kicked off two weeks ago with a welcoming party, followed by master classes and a fashion pitch.

Collections such as July by DSNY A, House of Tsatago (H.O.T), Proud by Pewa, The break of dawn, Strike by Ally Tobias, Sirenga Streetwear, Couture by Kimatheus, //Concept by Cassidy Karon, Earth by Abre Creations, House of Poulton, Toto by Towa and MN Creations impressed the audience  when they take took to the stage.

Earlier this year, MTC announced its N$3.6 million sponsorship to Windhoek fashion week for the next three years to help MTCWFW and industry at large, in ensuring that the event takes place smoothly and also gives back to the industry.

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MTC Windhoek Fashion Week brings together different industry related individuals such as; fashion designers, local and international brands, models, show producers, makeup artists, media, stylists, jewellery crafters and many fashion enthusiasts under the same platform.