Fashionista launches own brand

By Rosalia David

BORN with an eye for fashion, Nomvula Mapolombo Mbwaluh has introduced a clothing brand Premium Wear, which she describes as a ‘brand of value and superior quality’.

In an interview with Confidente this week, Mbwaluh said her new clothing brand is growing and has been receiving major support from the local market.

“The clothing brand was established this year. Premium means something that is of high value, so when you are dressed in Premium Wear you should be reminded that you are not only dressed in just any brand, but a brand of high value and superior quality,” she explained.

Premium Wear caters for all age groups giving a classy look for both genders while providing different styled elegant, easy to wear pieces.

With the aim of penetrating both into the local and international markets, Mbwaluh expressed gratitude towards the support she has received so far saying that the sky is the limit for her ‘new baby’.

“The response has been amazing so far.

The brand is doing exceptionally well and I am so grateful for the support that I am receiving,” she said.

Asked on where she gets her items from, without revealing much about her suppliers, Mbwaluh said she has a variety of suppliers to explore from as she wants to continue selling the best quality products.

“I want to target all genders, every race and age, so I don’t want to limit the brand.

It’s for everyone. My items come from different suppliers, some in Namibia, South Africa, China, Turkey and Bangladesh,” Mbwaluh said.

With a huge passion to support local business people, Mbwaluh further mentioned that she aims to work with more local designers in the future.

On how she juggles between being a businesswoman, wife and mother, Mbwaluh said she is fortunate to have a great support system around her.

She said, “I try to balance it all, and apart from the support system, one thing you should also know about us women is that we are experts in juggling many different things at once.

I also do have some tricks that keep me sane.”

Excited to further reveal how she got into the fashion industry, Mbwaluh said, all her life, she has always been fascinated about style but her mother added the cherry on the cake when she dressed her up at a young age.

“I’ve been a fashionista all my life! My mother always dressed me in cute little outfits.

I also think it’s in my DNA because my mother was a liker of beautiful clothes herself. But, please follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with more and the latest releases,” she concluded.