Female boxer Hübsch dreams of becoming African Champion

By Michael Uugwanga   

UPCOMING amateur female boxer Leandre Palomida Hübsch, nicknamed Alpha & Omega, says she dreams of becoming an African female boxing champion one day. Hübsch said she took up boxing because of the inspiration from local professional boxers Paulinus’ John John Ndjolonimus and Charles Shinima.

However, his dream of becoming an African champion hang in the balance as local female boxers are not yet permitted to fight in professional bouts since the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) has not updated the Boxing Act of 1980, which prohibits female boxers from fighting professionally. Despite this obstacle, Hübsch is hoping for a future where female boxers will be allowed to fight professionally. “The dream is to one day be the African female boxing champion,” she said.

Contracted to the MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobia Fitness and Boxing Academy, Hübsch made her first boxing appearance last Saturday at the After School Centre, when she defeated Elina Shilongo. Meanwhile, local professional female boxer Martina Tjauha, who fights under the Zimbabwe National Boxing Control Board, previously fought many times outside Namibia.