Female DJs battle for cooking honours

By Rosalia David

THE first cook off competition for local influencers kicked off on Saturday with different female disc jockeys going head-to-head competing for the number one spot.
The contestants were DJ Alba, DJ Maggz and DJ Roxy, and the fun event was held in Maroela, Katutura.
The competition was initiated by two chefs Lucas Ashipala and Fiedel Hangome who started off the clash competing against each other on how to prepare the best pizza.
In an interview with Confidente, Ashipala described the occasion as successful saying that it was interesting to see the disc jockeys running around as they battled it out.

“We made fire and everything was cooked outside. They struggled to make fire and that was the plan.
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We made them carry water in buckets that they used to cook, which was exciting to watch.
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They were also arguing over stealing each other’s recipes, it was fun,” he added.
With the entertainment industry hard hit by the pandemic, Ashipala said the idea is a perfect way to revive everyone’s energy.
“My mom and my brother are also part of this thing as we were the ones who came up with the backyard concept and having a good relationship with Namib Mills, we were like why not,” he added.
Ashipala said the competition comes at a time when everyone in the creative industry is suffering mentally and financially.
“It was good to see influencers engaging positively and working together preparing the different meals even though the judges were a bit harsh,” he said.

Although he could not reveal the next batch of influencers to take part in the cooking competition, he said the event is set to take place two times in a month.
He said the aim is not to have losers or winners but to keep influencers busy and connected to their fans as the competition is live streamed throughout social media.
DJ Alba won the competition with a hamper from Namib Mills.

The judges were Chef Naftali Nghishekwa, Fillip Kambala, Talishi, Kiki and Mathew.