Female entrepreneur turns to coffin making

By Staff Reporter

KATHY’s Joinery and Renovations a leading brand in manufacturing, installations and service in the woodwork and joinery industry has now turned to coffin making due to the current high demand for caskets.
With Covid-19 upon us, many people are losing their loved ones on a daily basis, and the demand for caskets is also on a high that is why Kathy’s Joinery decided to invest in that particular industry.

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Owned by Katrina Namundjebo, a graduate of the Windhoek Vocational Training Centre, the company today employs several workers on a full-time basis and at the same time also offers internship to students.
“It is true that death is a terrifying subject, it is also true that a coffin is essential for any funeral ceremony. For me, making a coffin is part of my job and not part of my emotion.

We are going through a very difficult time in our country with Covid-19. We as a country currently import coffins from South Africa and this is not normal.
“Imagine one day South Africa runs out of coffins, which family will be proud to bury a loved one without a coffin?

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I’m just going to respond to the natural need unfortunately associated with death,” said Namundjebo.
Namundjebo (36) was trained in Germany on how to make coffins, even though the idea of manufacturing coffins only came to her mind now that many people are dying due to Covid-19.
“I was trained in Germany on how to manufacture coffins.

It is only that I never brought it out but I used to show people that want to manufacture coffins. I just recently decided to embark on the coffin manufacturing avenue of business and it is one I took up out of necessity, seeing that our nation firstly needs more goods produced locally and also because of the pandemic which has left a significant gap in the duration of service delivery of imported coffins from neighbouring countries predominantly South Africa,” she said.
Kathy’s Joinery is registered with the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development, Ministry of Finance and Social Security Commission since 2012.
The company which is based in Katutura, Windhoek, also specialises in kitchen cupboards, wooden television stands and many more.