FemTech to boost female tech entrepreneurs

By Business Reporter

DOBOX and the Embassy of France have launched the FemTech project to support the development of Namibia’s female tech entrepreneurs.

The project responds to three key focus areas supported by the French and Namibian governments including entrepreneurship and supporting small and medium enterprises, supporting gender equality and females in business and supporting innovation and technology as a key contributor to economic development.

Project activities will start in January and will run through December 2021 and will bring together a community of inspirational female entrepreneurs and business owners. Three individual female entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to receive extensive business development, incubation and mentorship support to help grow their businesses.

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In addition, each of the participants will have the opportunity to attend one international entrepreneurship event.

“Although Namibian development plans make mention of developing technology and entrepreneurship as well as gender equality , there are few projects catering specifically for the needs of female founders in the tech innovation space.

This project provides an opportunity to combine these three aspects and make a meaningful impact in Namibia’s female technology entrepreneurship ecosystem,” says Chantal Claassen COO of Dololo.

The aim of the project is to identify, mentor and promote female entrepreneurs while connecting them to the French innovation ecosystem.

The entrepreneurs will be able to develop their businesses through three main aspects; Business development and incubation at DoBox, international travel and mentorship, and connecting to the French innovation community.

FemTech is a project focused on finding those hidden gems; progressive and inspiring female entrepreneurs seeking to develop their tech business and take it to the next level. Through various events, activities, and social media strategies, DoBox hopes to reach female tech entrepreneurs all over Namibia.
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“France is committed to fostering entrepreneurial links with Namibia and supporting the development of women empowerment throughout the whole continent. Namibia overflows with young creative minds. We wish to help them with our partner DoBox. This is a thrilling project to which we are looking forward,” said Estèphe Camus, economic attaché at the Embassy of France.

Dololo, which runs DoBox, mission is to empower future generations by providing spaces and supporting networks that enable young entrepreneurs to solve real world problems. Their vision is to be the leading catalyst in Namibia’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

France is active in Namibia through its diplomatic representation in Windhoek, as well as through the French Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) and the French Agency for Development (AFD).

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“All together as a team, we are working towards a strong Namibian-French cooperation in the fields of culture, economic development and diplomacy”.