Fenny to launch Luxe Lounge

By: Martha Nangombe

Budding entrepreneur and local fashionista, Fenny Temangou, recently opened an upmarket lounge at Freedom Plaza where she provides a space for a ‘more mature’ crowd to mingle, socialize, whilst having a drink of their choice and a light dish to quench their need for entertainment in a town that is mostly known for being daft on chilling places and hang out spots.

Siting down with Confidente, in the prime located hang out spot, the gorgeously dressed Fenny shares her vision for the establishment, the crowd she would like to attract, and the void she wishes to fill on the social scene.

“Luxe Lounge is a space where the working class, the grown ups who are tired of the usual Windhoek vibe can come and enjoy with other grown ups and sexy people,” Fenny tells Confidente as she sets about placing the finishing touches before the official launch.

“We embarked on a feel at home kind of vibe, while still maintaining a touch of class, in order to create the perfect ambience for those who prefer mellow places where they can drink, mingle and socialize with their friends,” she told Confidente.

Selma Shilunga, a patron to the establishment that opened its doors two weeks ago said Luxe Lounge is a necessary addition to the Windhoek entertainment and social scenery.

“I have been there twice and what I experienced was a feel-good atmosphere where people are not breathing down your neck and the atmosphere is not so sweaty,” Shilunga said.

“Windhoek has a history of lounges that come and go because they are treated like a trend but I believe that if Fenny can succeed in building a loyal clientele Luxe Lounge will be around for a very long time,” Shilunga added.

Annelly Batista, who has been with the establishment since they opened doors commended Fenny for creating a space where not only the patrons are safe but also the employees.