Fighting malnutrition requires a collaborative effort- Shangula

• By Allexer Namundjembo

Health minister Kalumbi Shangula has said that dealing and eradicating malnutrition requires a multispectral, whole-of-society approach.

Speaking at the joint launch of the 2023 Japan Supplementary Budget Projects, which the WHO and FAO will implement during 2024-2025, Kalumbi emphasised the severity of the malnutrition issue in Namibia.

He stated that this scourge is not just a statistic, but a harsh reality being experienced in several communities, negatively impacting lives and demanding immediate attention.

Shangula said that in order to effectively address this challenge, we must address the root causes of malnutrition and not only its manifestations. Since it concerns food shortages, it means families and communities must have access to the means, tools, inputs, and land to produce food. It means people should be provided with necessary skills to improve food production at the household level,’’ he said.

Kalumbi further said that, in many countries, families are encouraged to establish vegetable patches where they can grow agricultural produce such as carrots, spinach, and tomatoes for household consumption. ‘’Our social safety nets must be robust in order to respond effectively and meaningfully to the needs of vulnerable communities who are constrained by climatic conditions such as lack of water, tools, and seeds,’’ he added.

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