Film funding a huge issue-Hainane

By Rosalia David

AWARD-WINNING actress Nadula Hainane has said that it is hard to secure funding for films in the country as lawmakers do not invest much interest in the arts.

Speaking to Confidente, Hainane said it is often difficult to get contractual work in the industry and one can go up to months without a permanent job.

“This is caused by our leaders who don’t show much interest in the film industry in Namibia, not knowing that film is one of the best platforms to market and put the country on the world map,” she added.

Hainane who is also the Zikomo Africa awards representative from Namibia said opportunities are however there but the country’s film industry cannot be compared to the rest of the world at this point.

“I know the opportunities are there if you prepare to work hard and have the right attitude for it. In film it’s not always easy; you need to be skilled and most importantly you have to be creative, but it’s always good to have some qualifications for it. It helps and guide you a lot,” she said.
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She explained that the film industry all over the world is very competitive as it is all about getting people to believe into the ideas portrayed. She said it is however a pity that the Namibian film industry is still male dominated and discriminates against women.

“But that is not really a problem because what I believe in is that no one will succeed in it without hard work, long hours and real commitment.”

Asked about her background and how she entered the film industry, Hainane said acting was her first love and she has not been interested in anything else besides theatre and film.

She added that she always knew from an early age that she wanted to be a performer from the time she attended Sunday school.

“I love writing and reading. My other name is Meekuulu, I was named after my grandmother. She was a very strong and active woman, and so am I.”

Hainane went on to say that she is driven to change the world through images hence why she is also driven and committed to the kind of work she does.

“I am a bit shy though, but the field of theatre, film and media-marketing tends to force me to open up … I am more of an introvert by nature,” she added.
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Questioned on where she sees herself in the next five years, Hainane said she is going to allow the universe to decide for her.