Finishing second at netball championship is sweeter than M1-Meyer

By Michael Uugwanga

JULENE Meyer, head coach of the women’s senior netball side, nicknamed the Debmarine Desert Jewels, has said that finishing second at the recently held Africa Netball Championship in Botswana is sweeter than the M1 Nations Cup triumph in Singapore in 2019. Meyer said this in an interview with Confidente after helping the country take second place behind eventual winners Zambia, who narrowly beat Namibia 57-55 in extra time in last week’s final match of the Africa Netball Championship.

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In 2019, she guided the country to the M1 Nations Cup trophy and was so close to once again adding another trophy, only to be stopped by neighbours Zambia. Meyer had to change her squad a few weeks before the Africa Netball Championship due to the unavailability of some of the top players due to training, in particular, players from the Namibia Correctional Service (NCS) Netball Club who at the time were undergoing training.

“I think both performances are highlights because they were unique. I would instead focus on the fact that it was two different sets of players, which highlights just how talented our player pool in Namibia is.

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The other highlight for me is that the M1 Nations Cup was primarily Asian nations, and this was African Nations, which means our players can stand their ground against various styles and opposition.

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“I might lean to say the African Silver medal is sweeter since the preparation was fairly disrupted and several players not available for selection and for a bunch of inexperienced youngsters to step up and perform at such a level and senior player lifting everyone and keeping the group accountable were incredibly special and rewarding. But both get space on the highlights reel,” said Meyer.